Saturday, August 8, 2009

See Lawn Die

The Family hard at work!

Our lawn in the front yard is no more!!! And it's starting to smell more like a farm around here! Today hubby and eldest son dropped off ton of bark mulch to smother the front lawn. We made two areas that will be garden in the spring and a pathway to the driveway. We are also putting mulch in the garden beds that are around the edge of the fence, so we don't have anymore five foot weeds. I am not sure what we will be planting in the front, but I plan to do some edible landscaping along with some veggies. So much fun!

For now we are ignoring the back yard. It seems to big and daunting to tackle. The front yard will be a good first project for us new homesteaders!

Oh and after my failed attempt at a sourdough culture, I finally seem to have success!! It's only been 24 hours, but I've already got bubbles in my starter!! Fresh sourdough here I come .... well in a couple of weeks!

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