Monday, August 10, 2009

First Harvest

Above is a photo of my first harvest. I don't have anything to harvest from my garden yet, so this is from my neighbors garden. She has three lovely, huge, lavender plants out front. She didn't want the flowers, so I clipped a bunch to dry and use in draw and dryer sachets. We don't use fabric softener, so these little guys will make our clothes smell oh so pretty! Just what a bunch of boys need, hey? Pretty smelling duds! Oh, well.

In other news, my second sourdough culture seems to be failing. It was bubbling and doing just fine, until i went to feed it yesterday. Again there was a layer of water sitting on the top, smothering all the bubbly goodness that should have been. I may try a wide, shallow container today and see if i can also revive the one in the jar. When I first started this whole sourdough culture business, I thought we'd be eating the stuff by now!

Yesterday I took a quick trip down to Value Village in search of a basket for my lavender harvest, as well as a hand powered mixer. I did have an old one of my mom's for a long time, but I can't find it now! I had no luck with the hand mixer, however did find a lovely yellow and green pyres bowl and some cute springy egg whisks. I may have to start a collection of them to hang in my bare kitchen! When I returned from VV, Jackson extremely delighted with the egg whisks, so he had a good play in the dirt with them!

Today and tomorrow I am cleaning and organizing our little homestead after the busy weekend spent outside. I hope to start planning the garden, as I just checked out an edible landscaping book from the library. I also checked out a crochet book, with a lovely wrap pattern. With all this dismal (oh I do love it!) weather, it seems appropriate to start planning my fall crochet projects!

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