Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Dirty Boy!

Fun in The Dump Truck!

This weekend we took it pretty easy. My eldest son was sick, and had a febrile seizure. They are more scary for us, than him, and completely harmless. I think I get about ten new grey hairs every time it happens, though! On Monday everyone was feeling better, so we took a drive out to my cousin and her family's property. They are currently jumping through some hoops, so they can start building their house. Next door to their property, they have chickens, pigs, a pony and a horse. It's so nice, the thought of land! I think we are going to concentrate on container gardening for a while, as we are not 100% sure that we are staying at our current location. It's quite small for a family of four, so in a few years we are either going to move, or add on. We will just have to make due with what we do have!

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