Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let's Play a Game

I want to declutter my house, but I have a terrible habit of holding on to things. I can never figure out if I should keep things, donate them, or sell them. So this is where the game comes in! Do you like to play games? Good, me too!

Everyday I will post a photo of something in my house and you get to decide if I should KEEP, DONATE or SELL. Just write a comment for the post with one of those three words and at the end of the day I will tally them up and do whatever the majority tells me to. Now as far as selling goes, the items will be placed in my new Fashionista Farmer Etsy store (yet to be created). So if you really like one of my items, you can possibly buy it!

Sometimes there will be a little story accompanying the item, sometimes it will be just a photo. What do you think? Let's start now!

So what do you think, KEEP, DONATE or SELL?


  1. keep.
    Love the colour, seems like you should have it.

  2. sell. It's a different piece but if you havent found a place for it, chances are you won't

  3. Okay, sell it is! i may actally miss this piece!