Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Dream of Chicken

I could get my classic car after all!

Green Roof

Area behind garage to fence for the chickens!

Right now I am totally obsessed with the idea of having chickens. They are much more than pets! They are little providers, shooting out eggs and fertilizer! I have been researching chicken coops and there are some great ones out there. Even though we are almost two years away from getting chickens, due to new baby and travel plans, I am getting ready. I'd like to design something with the features of the eglu, though larger. Also I like the idea of a green roof. We have a lot of space for a large run, so when we go away for weekends, the girls will have a lot of run around room. It's just a matter of convincing someone to mind them while we are away. I'd like to start from chicks, as they'd be more accustom to handling and our yard/coop. There are still so many things to look into, but for now i dream of chickens and coops!

In the reality of my everyday life, we got some supplies for canning. The blackberries are in, so I am hoping to make some jam soon. Cory pointed out that I don't even like jam, however I know a lot of people that do, and it seems like a good homesteady thing to learn! Also in the kitchen I am still working on my sourdough culture. I've been feeding it every day, and it seems to be going well. I had been using the metal canning lid, until today. I got some of those plastic lids of canning jars. I read in the Urban Homestead book that you are not supposed to have metal in contact with the sourdough culture for too long, so I thought it best to switch to plastic.

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