Sunday, October 25, 2009

Planning Planning Planning

I have been sketching up lots of different ideas for our new yard and finally decided that I needed some help. I am not a fan of buying books, well that's not true. I love books, there are so many I wish I could own. I just feel that if i can borrow a book, there is no point in purchasing it. I visit my neighborhood library every week, sometimes twice a week, in search of how-to books on gardening, sewing, bathroom renos etc. The more you know the better! I have decided to buy a book though. Well three to be exact. The first is How to Grow More Vegetables ..... and it's amazing! I have the 5th edition from the library, but have the 7th edition on order. It lays out when to plant things and how much to plant depending on your needs. It also has great maps of where to plant things.

The other two books are got don't relate to gardening, one is a parenting book and the other is a book on the Case Study Houses for the 50's and 60's. I decided not to purchase the HUGE one that I really wanted. The later is my current obsession! Beautiful mod homes! I am looking forward to building some raised beds and preparing them for the planting season ahead!


  1. Oh, I own the How to Grow More Vegetables. Like you, I'm more into borrowing from the library but that one is worth its weight in gold if just for the companion planting section.

  2. excellent, glad to hear i made a good choice! thanks!