Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Dreams

The Mod Garden? (okay maybe not the outdoor tub!)

The Farm Garden?

The only shot of our backyard.....note the large gravel patch.

The time is soon approaching! We are moving in just a few short weeks! Is it three or two! Yikes I better get packing! For weeks my husband and I have talked about our indoor plans for our fixer upper. There is a lot to be done, but we have to stage it, so we can still live comfortably in the house. We are going to start by removing all the color it the house. Some rooms are painted three different colors! So for now we are going to get some low VOC primer and paint everything white. It will be a bit stark, but at least it will be bright for winter! Another must do is the tub and surround in the bathroom. My husband re did the one in our current house, so the weekend after we move in, he'll be working on that giant project. There are numerous other "must do" projects, but I am quietly dreaming of the HUGE yard. I can't really do too much planning, but I can dream!

I am starting with the giant gravel patch in the middle of the yard. Husband wants to put the play structure and sand box there, but really it would make a perfect garden. Split the circle p into six triangular raised beds with nice pathways in between. Maybe a birdbath in the middle? Or maybe I don't want birds so close to my garden? Have to think about that one!

I am also planning a very small orchard. We have beautiful Italian plum tree that was a present for my youngest son's birth. I plan on getting an apple tree and maybe one other fruit tree. Then there is the berry area. The raspberries, strawberries and blueberries! We already have brambles invading from the next door property, so blueberries are taken care of!

Oh and since we'll be staying home and working on the house, maybe just maybe i can get chickens soon! I had planned on a big family vacation before my youngest turns two, and then get chickens, but a vacation doesn't seem likely at least for a while.

I also want to establish a pond area, dining area, and a relaxing hammock/sitting area. We will also have a small eating area on the deck, but our big dining area will hopefully be under a nice grape arbor! can dream can't i?

My biggest problem in the dream world seems to be what style of yard I want. Do i want a mishmash, fun crazy whimsical garden? or a super organized modern garden? I'm very torn! I know that full chaos in the garden doesn't work for me. I learned that while experimenting with my hodge podge salad garden.

So what am i going to grow?

herbs galore
and many more! i know I know ..... it's too much to take on really! But I can dream!

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