Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Beginning

This is the very beginning. I am planning a massive overhaul for our 5,000 sq ft. city property! Since I have a three year old and three month old, I will be taking things rather slowly. For now I have planted my first crop in some barrels in the front yard. They contain different lettuces, chives, mustard green and cilantro. **Oh my god, my dog stinks! She is under the table and i just heard her fart (this is a first, usually they are silent, but deadly)! I think she is rotting inside or something .... ew!!! So foul!**

Sorry about that, back to the post. I planted my crop just over a week ago and have a nice amount of sprouts popping up! We are having a heat wave right now, so I am happy that my little seedlings have been surviving. I don't have a proper watering system right now, so I am just misting them with the hose. Oh the hose! What a joke! The one in the back split on me yesterday and the one in the front leaks at the nozzle joint, so I get soaked! Eventually I'd like to invest in a low flow drip irrigation system, but first I have to plan the garden!

Two days ago I started my first sourdough culture. I have to "feed" it every day for two weeks or so. It is already smelling sour doughy, so that's a good sign! I really wasn't sure how it would do in this heat, but so far so good! I have to get a couple things before I start baking sourdough bread, but in a few weeks we should be tasting the first experiment in my homesteading adventure! M husband has informed me that he doesn't really like sourdough, though I have promised him it will be the best loaf of bread he has ever tasted ...... I just hope I can pull it off!

So that's all for now, I'm off to hang some laundry on the line to dry! Got to take advantage of this summer heat somehow! I just wish we had a solar oven!

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